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Dichotomy – Esham now on itunes


Officer Dead
Do Sum’n
Don’t Drink and Drive
Time Travel
Bill Yen
The Deity
Another One
Reality Check
Cosmic Car


Esham – Methylenedioxymethamphetamine – DMT Sessions – Detroit Street Anthem

Aknu vigilante video called “MDMA” by Esham from his 2011 album, “DMT Sessions”. This video was shot throughout the ruins of Detroit, Michigan. Enjoy. Purchase at www.iTunes.com/Esham or www.amazon.com/Dmt-Sessions-Esham/dp/B004USRLB4

RLP Will Never Die – Doc Hollywood Hustle – Download now


rlp will never die


Explicit In tha Club (feat. Mangler)

Esham Dmt Sesisons Album Download


Album described as shocking…….



Mastaminds – NTOXSICATION is out


It’s up on iTunes and any second will be on Amazon and other stores you like.

Get this wicked shit baby! Some dope bonus tracks on here too. :clap:

Esham Suspended animation Download

download the latest esham album suspended animation right here – august 3rd

1. All The Time
2. Closed Doors
3. Subatomic
4. Ronald McDonald
5. Ssmd
6. Suspended Animation
7. Triggernometry
8. Designer Drugs
9. RLP Logo
10. ?????
11. You Don’t Luv Me
12. Electromagnetic
13. Horrible
14. Poultry
15. Sinsory Deprivation
16. Get A Room
17. U Can Die
18. Private Hotel Party
19. Worst Place To Be
20. Killa Pussy
21. American Made
22. ??????
23. Don’t Wake Me up
24. Gumball 3000
25. Thanx
26. But No Thanx
27. Police
28. How Come
29. Home


Esham Subliminal Messages and Backmasking in stop selling me drugs – suspended animation ?

Esham caught doing some subliminal messages and backmasking in his latest song stop selling me drugs – from suspended animation.

Esham was not a big user of the stuff.

Notice when the song plays front ways the last word does not sound right …..

Some crazy stuff in the latest Esham song from suspended animation stop selling me drugs.
When played reverse it plays some really weird messages.
here is the last 15 seconds of the song reversed … this is crazy and clearly back masked.. WE ARE THE MOVEMENT

The entire song had sentences laced in it like avoid all reds , i see faces and a hole bunch of crazy references.
Buy the song now on itunes from http://www.acidrap.com play it backwards and see what you can find!!!!!

Esham is back!!!!!!!!!
Suspended animation dropping june 15th – 4/20 2010