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Esham EPs remastered collection – the first 4 eps – Maggot Brain Theory , Hellterskkkelter , Homey Don’t Play , Erotic Poetry

Esham EP remastered collection the first 4 eps  - Maggot Brain Theory , Hellterskkkelter , Homey Don't Play , Erotic Poetry

Esham EP remastered collection the first 4 eps – Maggot Brain Theory , Hellterskkkelter , Homey Don’t Play , Erotic Poetry


A new esham project is dropping soon –  a remasteed EP collection featuring the first 4 eps  – Maggot Brain Theory , Hellterskkkelter , Homey Don’t Play , Erotic Poetry remastered – maybe a hidden gem or 2

The Remastered EP Collection will be on sale Friday January 15th, only onACIDRAP.COM!


Esham – Ecclesiastes 7 ( Dont Stop believing remix)

Esham does a spoken word / acid rap version of Ecclesiastes 7 to a hip hop remix of journeys dont stop believing – Inspired By… The Bible Experience eat your heart out .
Dichotomy coming soon

Esham – Tetrahydrocannabinol ( Venus Flytrap) NEW VIDEO

BBO party! Ladies only this is awesome LLcoolE….

Esham – Acacia Polycantha (Venus Flytrap} NEW VIDEO

BillYen here reporting from the Jimmi Hendix Memorial where Esham Decides to pay homage to Jimmi in 2013 the light part of this video represents life and the dark parts represent death… the Ying & Yang in this touching Video Shot in Seattle Washington…. Enjoy… ACIDRAP.COM

NEW Esham podcast – NEW NATAS ALBUM 2013 – ACIDRAP is BACK


WHATUPDOE! BillYen reporting……Esham’s back with another decadent treat for your ears, a Eargasm if you will.. Summer is in the air so why not set if off right with some wicket shit! Music by Esham, Natas, Juicy J, Young Dro, King Solomon, Chance the rapper, Filthy Rockwell, Detroit Twins, musical orgy by the Hometape provided off the Redtube album enjoy…. something wicket cometh this way…BillYen Natas is coming!

Acid Rap – Acidrap Definition

Esham’s lyrical style, which author Sara Cohen says “utilize[s] shocking (and blatantly over the top) narratives to give an over-exaggerated, almost cartoon-like version of urban deprivation in Detroit”,[22] was derived from the style of the Geto Boys.[8] Smith’s lyrics have focused on themes such as death, drug use, evil, paranoia and sex, and have included references to Satan. Smith refers to his performance style as “acid rap,” comparing the lyrics to hallucinations induced by LSD.[3] Esham’s style has also been described as horrorcore hip hop.[22]

Esham Attica Smith is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan known for his hallucinogenic style of hip hop which he refers to as “acid rap”, which fuses rock-based beats and lyrics involving subjects such as death, drug use, evil, paranoia and sex.

Esham – on the set of my new video off Venus flytrap test4oo – Dead boy interviews king david

Esham on the set of his new video off Venus flytrap test4oo – Venus flyrap is the new album for esham coming later this year.
Esham is pioneer of horrorcore , acidrap and innovator and creator of the Detroit rap sound.

Esham – Helsinki finland concert – esham destroys finlaND.

Esham and Daniel Jordan in Helsinki, Finland Friday the 13th april 2012.
It was their only show outside US.

New acidrap site in the works


Looked dope

Esham in Finland ?? Rough Google Translation – ESHAM Finnish gig in April

Game Room’s release:

ESHAM Finnish gig in April
Fri 13.04.2012 Helsinki, Virgin Oil Co.

Horrorcorena and metal-known rappina Acid rap genre creator, Detroit Esham (East Side of Ho’s and money) arrives at the only European gig 13 April Virgin Oil Co. is. Gig in advance ticket sales begin on Friday, 9 March Tiketti, Funkiestissa and Geezersissä.

Esham has released a solo artist with 13 LPs, 8 EPs and 3, which in addition to a collection of Natas (Nation Ahead of Time And Space) with his band seven LPs. The first album, Boomin ‘Words from Hell was released at the age of 13 Rashaam Attica Smith boards the themes are dark and show mainly death, drugs and sex.

Cult Artist Eshamin raw hardcore rap was born in Detroit in the late 90’s and he is being held for several Detroitilaisten artists such as Eminem, Kid Rock and Insane Clown Posse inspiration. Latest album Suspended Animation (2010) and DMT Sessions (2011) will continue to acid rap godfather versatile lines, which have been so influenced by rock than electronic.


Friday 04/13/2012
Helsinki, Virgin Oil Co.

Tickets in advance 28 eur + delivery costs Chance, door-to-30 eur.