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Mastamind Twiztid Diss – Two Bitches

Mastamdind Destroys these WHOOP WHOOP – NO WHOO WHOO

2 Verses to two bitches that need purses



4. WHEREYOHOOD@ f/ King Solomon



Mastamind Street Team


Mastamind has a lot of projects in the works and is looking for some street team members to help promote upcoming releases. If you guys are interested hit up Mastamindpromo@gmail.com for more information.

Mastamind Dice and Skitzo Show at Simons Michigan November 23

UNDERRATED ENTERTAINMENT has BOOKED MASTAMIND DICE AND SKITZO nov 23rd @simons in MICHIGAN Detroit lp border for tix call 3137183314

Mastamind – Collection Plate Copies in the wild

collection plate


Copies of mastaminds colelction plate are shipping early!!!

Mastamind – Collection Plate August 27 + track-listing

On toxsic.com , amazon and all good record stores (if theres still any around )

Collection Plate: Best of Mastamind

Track Listing
1 Angelssing – 2:45
2 Worship the Wicket – 4:37
3 My Mind Says – 2:55
4 G-Like Ride – 4:25
5 Detroit – 3:56
6 Smokitshootitsniffit – 4:02
7 I Ain’t Rite – 3:31
8 Goodnite Amerikkka [Dre40oz Remix] – 3:15
9 Godspeed [#] – 2:00
10 Just Crazy – 3:00
11 F*** How They Feel (Let It Rain) – 3:28
12 Wicket Gangsta – 3:55
13 F***theworldstyle – 3:33
14 Ghost Rida – 3:28
15 Hell Again – 4:22
16 Ain’t Nobody [#] – 5:06
17 Villian In It [#] – 4:12

Artist Credit
Dre 40oz Producer, Remixing
Esham Producer
G-Dub Producer
Air Jensen Producer
Marc Kempf Executive Producer, Graphics, Photography
Lavel Producer
Alary Layman Concept, Cover Illustration
TJ Mack Producer
Mastamind Executive Producer, Primary Artist
Quon Producer
Santos Producer
Special K Producer
Poe Whosaine Producer

Mastamind and Esham hinting on new natas album 2013…..

Maybe 2013 will bring a New Natas album with all members. For the people. E need to hit me up. In the meantime, working on my 9th solo album and countless collabs. Get at me!(Screamin’ at the top of my lungs)

Skitzo – The Deities Ft Mastamind and beats from Airen Jensen


Do yourselves a favor and cop this album

Skitzo’s Album – The Deities

Track List:

1. The Fight
2. Dont Stop (produced by Andre Hillbard)
3. Battle Stations
4. Verbal Intercourse
5. Its Official ft 11:30
6. Adderall (produced by Andre Hilbard)
7. Miseducation ft Isis (produced by Big Boi beats)
8. Unstoppable
9. Why? (Produced by Tyler Smith)
10. Hustla Anthem ft Lil Wyte & Kike
11. Confession ft Powerdise of Critical Bill. (produced by Stir Crazy)
12. Pissed ft Mastamind (produced by Dx Da Flex)
13. Running away (produced by Terrall Jackson
14. I Lead ft Jelly Roll (produced by Dx Da Flex)
15. Every Voice Matters ft D-Killa & Tasha (produced by Airen Jensen)


Mastamind doing colab verses all weekend – rappers get at him for a verse

Something has set mastamind on fire

Doing Collab verses. In the lab all nite. Aint no Rest for the Wicket, till I close my eyes for good. Get at me for info.
Collabs, Collabs and mo’ Collabs. Lets do it. U want a verse from the Prince of the WicketShit? Leave a msg for info.
And another collab completed. Get at me for sick verses, no freestyles. Leave a msg for info.



Mastamind & Skitzo – Doublehead Everythang [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Official music video for Mastamind & Skitzo’s “Doublehead Everythang” from there album “The Orthus.”
Director: Jesse Lambert / Arch Angel Studios.

Get your copy of “The Orthus” album at
Toxsic Records: http://www.toxsic.com/
Lyrikal Snuff Productions: http://www.Gorehop.com/

Mastamind – http://Toxsic.com

Skitzo – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Skitzo-Michigan-Music/298570115893

Arch Angel Studios – http://www.UNEEDARCHANGEL.com