Detroit Hip Hop Documentry – Esham – Death of An Indie Label

If you want to know anything about detroit hip hop legend esham , this is the place to start.

Esham the unholy and esham the boogieman – shows kid rock opening for esham in part 1 and eshams first record album booming words from hell being sold, also the nation wide controversy when a fan committed suicide to the natas album life after death.

Dead boy eshams borther is introduced , esham shows his royalty checks , we see a interview with rock of ages record store , and a natas concert from the early 90s

More interviews with deadboy , the unreleased esham film clip mental stress too controversial for Detroit airwaves , natas footage in masks and dead boy and esham dealing with his illness.

More interviews with deadboy and his neighbour about aliens, a natas concert where esham plays stay of my dick , mastamind speaks , insane clown posse – before they were clowns , and a young eminem . This is Michigan hip hop at its finest .

Esham speaks on his rap career , the shocking conclusion and the death of a rap label and ends on esham singing yellow jackets from DMT SESSIONS
10/10 best documentary about detroit and hip hop i have seen in years/

4 responses to “Detroit Hip Hop Documentry – Esham – Death of An Indie Label

  1. eshams dope hoe

  2. Lucifer Reagan

    please do a show in grand rapids soon!!!

  3. esham the og originater juggalos dont even have a clue what this man did for rap

  4. yo, eating dairy butter on a daily basis is the underground cure for skitzo.

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