Dice Info Acid Rap God


Dice, the Detroit rap legend began his career in 1992 with his first release “The 40 Made Me Do It”.

This album was released under Raw Dogg Records (home of Kaos & Mystro). This album consisted of production by Mystro aka Lord Maji.

“The 40 Made Me Do It” was a classic album that brought about the likes of “Holdontomy Dick” or referred to “Holdontomy Bumper” on the infamous music video that was aired nation wide which to this day is still in high demand from the fans.

Dice with world wide distribution began touring to promote his album. Dice did shows with artists such as AMG, MC Brains, Ultra Magnetic MC’s along with Ice Cube and Da Lench Mob and others. It wasn’t until 1996 when he dropped the street classic “The Neighborhoodshittalka” released under Reel Life Productions. “Neighborhoodshittalka” is with out a doubt one of the greatest albums that has ever came from the streets of the D.

This album brought a ruggedly aggressive mix in production by Lord Maji and Esham. Not too mention some of the illest lyrics to ever bless a mic. “Neighborhoodshittalka” brings you the grimy gangsta street style harder than a Holyfield jab as well as the debut of the Pervert Pastor, The Insane God Razzaq. Dice featured on Esham’s “Dead Flowerz” album on the track “Wit’ Yo Punk Azz” He also appeared on Mastamind’s “Lickuiddrano” track “Bitches Hate Me” as well as on the track “Torture” off of the Natas album “Doubeleivengod”. Just when you think he dropped the hottest “Black Monday” hit the streets in 2000.

“Black Monday” was released on a label half owned by Dice. This album featured the main production by Lord Maji. “Black Monday” was the debut of “Apt. 3” which consists of Dice and Pervert Pastor. It also brought to you slammin’ tracks like “What Up Doe”, “Cocaine”, and many more. This time around the block in 2006 Dice brings to you 21 new bangin tracks for that ass in “Neighborhood Watch”. Including guest appearances by the Pervert Paster, Timmie Tw2 Tymes, Nickle Slick Nasty, Essynze and more.

This album is a great showcase of what’s to come with the newly founded label Big Head Records. This is just a taste of what’s to come in the near future from Dice and crew at Big Head Records. Listen for Dice “Destination” .. radio stations. Pick up the new Dice “Neighborhood Watch” TODAY! Be on the look out for the next Dice Release “Drug Abuse” as well as the new joint from Timmie Tw2 Tymes…………..

Dice Discography

1992 – The 40 made me do it

1997 – The neighborhood Shit-Talker

2000 – Black Monday

2005 neighborhood watch

2008 drug abuse

Dice Has Worked Before with :

Esham, Natas, Mastamind ,Timmi Tw2 Tymes

ESSYNZE , Backstab the king pin ,Bugz ,Drunken Master

Razzaq Rahim , Bizzare ,King Gordy

and many more :

Dice is very willing to collab or tour. Holler at us at the myspace, or hit up bigheadrec@hotmail.com

offical dice forums

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  1. Hey don’t miss Dice The Neighborhood Shit Talka tonight on The Shit That Irks Me! It goes down 7:06 PM. PST. Log in to http://www.alltalkradio.net and hit one of the listen live links on the page!

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