Esham Subliminal Messages and Backmasking in stop selling me drugs – suspended animation ?

Esham caught doing some subliminal messages and backmasking in his latest song stop selling me drugs – from suspended animation.

Esham was not a big user of the stuff.

Notice when the song plays front ways the last word does not sound right …..

Some crazy stuff in the latest Esham song from suspended animation stop selling me drugs.
When played reverse it plays some really weird messages.
here is the last 15 seconds of the song reversed … this is crazy and clearly back masked.. WE ARE THE MOVEMENT

The entire song had sentences laced in it like avoid all reds , i see faces and a hole bunch of crazy references.
Buy the song now on itunes from play it backwards and see what you can find!!!!!

Esham is back!!!!!!!!!
Suspended animation dropping june 15th – 4/20 2010


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