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Mastamind Twiztid Diss – Two Bitches

Mastamdind Destroys these WHOOP WHOOP – NO WHOO WHOO

2 Verses to two bitches that need purses

Worlds Best Juggalo Rapper Chupacabra Drop to your knees FULL SONG

With such a overwhelming response to the smash hit drug addict here is a little more chupacabra for that ass….

Esham – Drug Addict – Chupacrabra kick the habit

Kreayshawn and v nasty watch out Chupacrabra is coming to take your crown get at us lil debbie things are changing for white girl rap.,…….
This is 24hrs out the psych ward one take no punches no do overs she just went in like a beast…….high off prescription meds DAM!!! system……Bill Yen

twiztid threaten to slap esham fan , involve d12 with their beef

twiztid d12 diss
twiztid d12
isaac baranoff
tweetmesohard Twiztid
@brucewayne898 you would just PRESS CHARGES! Shot out to D12 Mono
21 Oct

tweetmesohard Twiztid
@brucewayne898 you need to can that shit home boy. If I could I would slap the shit outta you but just like the biiiitch whose dick u ride
21 Oct

brucewayne898 nick
by tweetmesohard@
21 Oct

Esham takes a shot at the juggalos judging the infamous riddler chupacabra

Some of the biggest hate is to nicky and esham by juggalos , esham has responded to riddlers juggalo haters.

Why wait til Devils Night to have the shit scared out of you the infamous riddler chupacabra mixtape is out now available @ acid rap .com she is like a icp twiztid abk blaze dark lotus boondocks type rapper and she is a straight up juggalo Catch her @ hollowicked this year with the rest of the FAMILY! DWAM!! the batter don’t relasped again Have a open mind and try & get into this sickness it’s all reel life ya heard!!!! out now!! I mean right now!!! Let he without sin be the first to judge Esham

King Gordy – Esham In The 80’s – diss or shout out ???? – jesus christs mistress album

new single off of the album!album fts. Twiztid Bizarre of D12 Fat Killahz and Melanie Rutherford

order now @ www.kingofhorrorcore.com

BITCH IM ESHAM IN THE 80s ?? is it a diss or a shout out

Message to Esham haters and twiztid

Suicidilist addresses twiztid and esham beef and destroys a ton of juggalos

Esham calls Kid Rock honkey and , Insane Clown Posse , Twiztid and Eminem Racists

Esham: No doubt, Suge is cool people. I know alot of rappers got slapped or beat up or shot at Death Row. I had to finagle a way to get on the Chronic Tour but it never happened because the Chronic Tour was cancelled. Snoop and Dre didn’t tour again til ten years later, when they was opening for Em. “Up in Smoke. [Esham mimics Tupac’s voice] “In this white mans world!”

Esham: Kid Rock can eat a d**k as far as I’m concerned. I said it before and I will said it again. RACIST, rebel flag wearing h**ky tonk piece of s**t b**ch die!!!!!!

AllHipHop.com: A lot of die hard Esham fans never understood why you went over to ICP’s label for a few albums.

Esham: I thought they would share some of the millions I help them generate, by letting them bite the wicket s**t. But when I saw there was no room for elevation I couldn’t f**k with the good old boys… still in this race running up against these racists.

Daniel Jordan – Human Tornado – Featuring Dolemite and Esham

this track is from Intrinzik`s Underground Hustlin Vol. 3

Dice has a new offical Site up offering elevation for new up and comming artists , blogs or forums

Dice offical Forums

Dice Rap Website – Elevation

Esham – House of Blues – 7-7-08 – Symptoms of Insanity


live chat with eshamand natas at land of the banned