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Mastamind Twiztid Diss – Two Bitches

Mastamdind Destroys these WHOOP WHOOP – NO WHOO WHOO

2 Verses to two bitches that need purses


Insane clown posse diss esham – mighty death pop – wheres god….


Insane clown posse diss to esham on the track wheres god…..
Evil is here
the boogieman too
you dont own a gun
man you should plan to
and i look at that shit negatively
crib death my mate aint got shit left.



Esham Speaks about Royce Da 5’9 Drops hints about devils night project

first of all royce aint kicking! no Esham ass you see how quite he got that nigger happy he don’t want it with someone who has nothing to lose and I still wish him nuch succes but he never denied my truth… truth sayer Esham all you niggas can say is i’m jealous or broke but i sell dick to ya moms every night LOL but how could I be jealous when I’m so much better!!!!!!!

gothominc 47 minutes ago

@dirtglider To me it meant more to write down my thoughts so I wouldn’t get caught up in not telling you the truth of what happen, What happen or tring to spare them niggers feelings but it’s all real tell them yo say I’m lying and I can type it cause it’s in my head and I want it out.. so we will talk about it until devils night but know I speak the truth…. about joe bruce …..

gothominc 1 hour ago

Fake suicidalist troll Isaac M. Baranoff claims to be making an esham diss movie

Fake suicidalist Isaac M. Baranoff who calls others trolls is making a diss movie to esham , because esham rejected his juggalo ass.

on his twitter

Attempting to tape a video, think I’ll call it Death of an Egomaniac’s Career 666: The Truth About Rashaam Smith. Every Sucker Has A Moment.

Please make it , i want to know your insight into this matter when your lame ass didnt even know when the song scante was made , eshams real name , please give us insight Juggalo troll.

You and your kind is why esham hates juggalos.

Esham – Serious Business – diss to Kid Rock ,Speedball Bob , Nicky Minaj , Rhianna ,Weezy , Jay Z , Kanye West , Wakka Flocka , Drake , Young Money Records , Eminem

Esham is back with his hit Serious Business – Trolling Mainstream Hip Hop , He unloads and disses everyone Including Kid Rock aka Speedball Bob , Nicky Minaj , Rhianna ,Weezy , Jay Z , Kanye West , Wakka Flocka , Drake , Young Money Records , Eminem – who he threatens to chop his arm off .
Shouts out To manny pacquiao
Http://acidrap.com – Death of an Indie Label Soundtrack

Esham disses tyler the creator and his mom – calls tyler the creators mom a rat / wombat

Ok tyler won best new artist congrats!!! but yo momma look like a rat/wombbat why was yo old ass moma there??? that bitch was outta place.. what! no thank you to the wicket shit. tyler I taught you better than that … I’m ashamed of you son tell yo crusty ass moma to call me nigga your grounded for clapping for bruno mars.. just think I played your shit on the bombass podcast VMAS weak ass hell what was that weakest shit ever… but then again I could be just jealous cause I wasn’t invited…
gothominc 16 hours ago

Esham Mentions / Disses Twizted Dmt Sessions – 13. A-thujone

Esham may or may not have dissed twizted on dmt sessions song 13. A-thujone
Lyrics :
But they cant
Because the streets respect me
And im always on that next shit
See my car dont run off gas its electric
Too much Monoxide
Paul Methric
Ghost this game , made my exit
Im So Twizted , Jamie Madrox
you got the game locked down ?
I Pick the Padlocks
Black mamba anaconda

Song is better then mans myth , mutant combo

Esham Druggalo Music Video

Bump this to celebrate the last Gathering of the Juggalos.
Eshams latest diss track is druggalo – to all juggalos .

First ever song about the attack on Tila Tequila and Method Man at the gathering of the juggalos is Eshams song druggalo .
Esham fights back against icp and juggalos once again this time its not subliminal for you juggalo clowns
Esham disses all juggalos and disses the last ever gathering of the juggalos
also help support punch a juggalo day this halloween .

Im a druggalo
Im a Druggalo
Im a Druggalo
Im a Druggalo
Im a Druggalo
we don’t like pretty chicks
show em our dicks and make them drink piss
Im a Druggalo i aint no hip hop fan
Hit you in the face with a beer can like method man
Im a Druggalo no this ain’t no wu tang
get up out of here with this shit you aint no pooty tang
Im a Druggalo
Im a Druggalo

Im a Druggalo looking for tila tequila
i got a rock in my hand when i see ya
ima brick ya
cos i know i cant dig ya
had to pay ya for some money and trick ya
to get ya down here
cos you woudnt a came
girl all you know all zombies want is some brains
we them scary kids
Im a Druggalo
in the woods
and i dont have a flash light
Im a Druggalo
in the woods
and i didn’t wash my ass right
Im a Druggalo
This ain’t no gimmick
thats like talking about the special Olympics
Im a Druggalo
don’t get me started
you know im fucking retarded



Eminem Recovery Diss – Esham responds

Eminem Recovery Diss – Esham responds
Esham responds to eminems diss on almost famous and not afraid with his song American made .
Eshams album suspended animation is full of disses to eminem and other Detroit acts – the beef with eminem was restarted when emeinem took some shots on almost famous with lines such as “I take a shit in his jackolantern then smash it on his porch” dissing eshams last record hellaween .
Here are the lyrics to the second verse off American made making references to not afraid and the shameful way eminem treated proof.

Im American made
Not American Idol
i made simon cowell leave on my arrival
man im flyer then a feather on a stack of bibles
made eminem suicidal cos im his greatest rival
cos i know the real truth
your not afraid
but you should be how you played proof
no disrespect to his memory
so you should run and show love
to all D MCs
something i cant say you do
i know what i owe you boy and ima pay you too
ima pay you too
ima pay you too

Esham – Nicki Minaj Diss – Nicki Minaj in Porn

Esham drops a bomb with his diss on Nicki Minaj –
on subatomic from Suspended animation.
Here are the lyrics of half the last verse
e=mc squared
dont battle yall cos these mcs scarred
a star is born
lets get it on
wont stop till
i get to see
Nicki Minaj a trios
in porn
i got the cash money girl blow my horn
send you back to your camp with your panties torn
if you aint a hoe why you got the uniform
got me sticking out sorta like a unicorn
i was just on the lesbian that you was on
zodiac killer the sex pistol
bout the capricornnnnnn
Get the album
or check the lotb boards
For More info
Suspended animation = hip hop album of the year 2010