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Bill Yen here this one is for all the purple people eaters out there…RIP Prince,TNT,J Dilla, Tupac , Biggie Smalls, Big Proof, Blade Icewood,Wipeout gone but not forgotten…
#when doves cry #ISURVIVEDTHEEASTSIDEOFDETROIT acidrap.com


Shane Capone (feat. D12) – “Dirty Filthy Rotton Scoundralz”

Shane capone , Swifty Mcvey , and Bizarre give esham a shout out on the track Dirty Filthy Rotton Scoundralz
From Shane Capone’s album “Flood These Streetz”
“To leave you slumped over in the suburban like Biggie Smalls
Venomous lyrics, spittin shit like pipe bombs
Leave ya maggot brain hanging out the frame like Esham”
Esham mentioned next to Pac and Biggie right where he should be.