This ain’t baseball can’t play it safe dog didn’t mean to scare you when I peeled my face off my style so Viagra they all can stay soft and I stomp on these rappers like grapes till they squashed yes sir I mix a lot cause I’m Swass and these rappers at a lost for words cause they lost I’m they fly kid in the brand new hybrid you couldn’t see me if you cut off your eyelids up in the cockpit they call me they pilot and your face be the toilet stool where I shit addict to porno like Kurt Franklin so wash your aquarium ya fish tank stanking I’m thank’n I’m bank’n I’m smoking on dank in a room full of girls and they all been dranking I gotta tell my cousin bout this freaky live party these bitches butt naked taking shots of Barcadi you think you on time but you already tardy peel my face off and pop a la de da de…
Peeling I’m peeling I’m peeling my face off x4 I’m peeling I’m peeling I’m peeling my face off x3
Peel my face off my skin just be crawling threw up missed the toilet all on the wall and help me Jesus Satan be calling telling me to slip in the fire and just fall in pill pill pilling my face you aint’ feeling me killing me but imma walk with death willing…
30 pills in my refill prescription murder suspect I fit the description dermatologist say it’s inflammation acne pro active pick my face then police treat me like a dope addict kick my face in now I walk around with a mask on like Jason peeling off my face I peel scabs I feel sad blemishes look in the mirror and feel bad doctor can you help me can ya make me an appointment cause I need to see a plastic surgeon get some fucking ointment for my face it’s so ugly I look so fucking hideous wicket smile on my face Mr. Sardonics

ESHAM, TONIGHT at the crofoot JUNE 26TH



The official release date for ‪#‎Dichotomy is July 31, 2015

The official release date for ‪#‎Dichotomy‬ is July 31, 2015. It contains 12 of the freshest tracks you’ve ever heard in yo damn life and will be available in-stores and online. For your lucky m’fers swingin thru The Crofoot on Friday, we will have a LIMITED number of the Deluxe Version available for $20 at the merch booth. WHAT?! Yup, 24 tracks of pure ‪#‎acidrap‬ over a month in advance. ‪#‎eshamsdopehoe‬!

Esham – Ecclesiastes 7 ( Dont Stop believing remix)

Esham does a spoken word / acid rap version of Ecclesiastes 7 to a hip hop remix of journeys dont stop believing – Inspired By… The Bible Experience eat your heart out .
Dichotomy coming soon

Bomb Ass Cloudcast: Transvaginal Mess – Caytlin Jenner

Dedicated to Shim

Esham – Dichotomy Tracklist

1 – Officerdead

2 – Dosum’n

3 – Don’tDrinkandDrive

4 – Skyscraper

5 – Timetravle

6 – Billyen

7 – Mastamind

8 – The Diety

9 – Another1

10 – Hypothesis

11 – Reality Check

12 – Bird’zNest

13 – Lastfuckingtime

14 – yesterday

15 – sleepwalker

16 – mr.sardonics

17 – everthingdead

18 – Dichotomy

19 – SDt Micheal

20 – Willyoumarryme

21 – Cosmiccars

22 – Deathproof

23 – Nothing

24 – Doustillbelieve


Esham and Mastamind Concert New Mexico 4/20/2015

Esham 420 new mexico

Esham – Bombass Cloudcast: YabaDabaDo Edition

Eminem A “Bitch,” Detroit Rap Pioneer Esham Says

The “Acid Rap” pioneer says Em does not represent Detroit enough.

Detroit Rap pioneer Esham challenges Eminem in an interview with Murder Master Music Show posted by UGS Radio today (February 27).

“Tell Em to come on man, rap battle what?” Esham says in the interview. “Come on, what? Where ya at? I challenge.”

Esham became one of Detroit’s biggest independent artists in the ‘90s. His powerful and dark style known as “acid rap” helped influence the careers of Tech N9ne and Insane Clown Posse, among others.

He says Eminem has been disrespecting the city of Detroit.

“I am tired of Eminem,” Esham says in the interview. “I just want him to keep it real and quit being a bitch. He fuckin’ sold a lotta people out in the city, man. He needs to stop disrespecting the city and making people hate Detroit even more. That’s what that was about. Don’t even say shit about Detroit””

Esham points to recent Shady XV track “Detroit Vs. Everybody” as a moment were Em did not show proper respect for the city.

“With the ‘Detroit Vs. Everybody’ don’t say Detroit vs. everybody… you don’t help nobody in the city,” Esham says. “I don’t give a fuck. I will say that. You got a radio station and nobody gets played on your station? Come on, B. Get the fuck outta here. You got 50 hundred million dollars and you ain’t doing shit. Do something for the schools, anything, I don’t wanna hear that shit. If you say something about Detroit, I’m gonna say something about you. Let somebody say something to me. I ain’t gonna say shit. I ain’t lyin’ on that muthafucka.”

Eminem is reportedly working on an album for 2015 called Roots.

Esham recently released the twenty-fifth anniversary edition of his debut album, Boomin’ Words of Hell.

“When I came out with my first album I was just a kid…” Esham says on his website. “I unknowingly started the Wicket Shit! If you had asked me then I wouldn’t have believed I would spark the creation of an entire sub-genre. Over the years, many have indulged and benefited from the fruits of my labor. I felt betrayed at times but I’ve given back far more than I’ve taken from this game. I’m at peace with that. I feel blessed to be considered one of the most influential artists in rap music and cursed to have never been accepted by my peers.”

esham boomin words from hell (remastered) – out now!product/prd12/3612165141/esham-–-boomin-words-from-hell-(remastered)