TNT – Memorial Fund for Terry Jones – TT

Terry Jones, TT, TnT, little brother, big brother, cousin, friend, son, father……however he was known to you, he has passed on to Heaven.  We lost one of the greats.

Sunrise: February 18, 1973
Sunset: December 20, 2014

Terry had the gift for gab.  He could make you smile on your worst day.

TT grew up in Detroit with his family, and made so many friends from Richard to Osborn.  TT was in the rap group Natas, very well known as TnT.

Striving for more, TT moved to Las Vegas to create a better life for him and his son, Terry.

Most recently, TT worked at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino where he shared his wonderful personality with everyone he met.

TT made so many friends in Las Vegas, even more in Detroit, and countless others around the country.

Unfortunately for us, God has called him home.

Now is the time to show our gratitude for the joy he brought into our lives.

So many of you have asked where to send cards or flowers.  Instead, please send a memorial donation to his only son Terry.

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