Esham – The Devil Card- Dark Canival Tarot tarot
“I don’t know if many of you saw Esham’s documentary “Death of an Indie Label,” but after knowing and growing up with his music for many years, I’ll say this: it was fucking heartbreaking. Here he is. A living legend. And trapped. And enchained. In poverty. In mental illness. In drugs. In the past. So much hate. So much anger. So much finger pointing. And the whole vicious cycle has him in chains. Chains. Crippled. And broken down. Can you even imagine? Trying to care for your schizophrenic brother? Your sick mother? And on top of all that, you’re in Detroit. Watching and living everything that’s going on in the city right now. In fact, you ARE Detroit hip hop. And there you are. Chained to it. Struggling to breathe. Admittedly in need of prayer. I pray for E every chance I get…If you’re stuck in the past and hateful and brooding, it will tear you up inside and out. That’s what I took from the movie. And that’s exactly what The Devil card means. What’s holding you back? And who’s your scapegoat? What projections are you casting? It’s time to free yourself from the Devil’s grasp. The Devil is any and everything that holds you back from happiness and fulfillment. It’s time to shake off the chains and be free. Free. Don’t let nothing stop you. It is YOUR choice and YOUR time. No more he said, she said. No more blaming others. Open your heart and accept the past, the present, the future, and most of all, others around you for who they are. Surrender yourself to the way things are. Make conscious efforts to grow and change your situation. But don’t hate. And don’t get caught up in them chains–it’s easy to do. I do it ALL the time. The Devil is not your friend. But he can’t hold you against your will. You hold the key. Shake him off.”

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