Skitzo – The Deities Ft Mastamind and beats from Airen Jensen

Do yourselves a favor and cop this album

Skitzo’s Album – The Deities

Track List:

1. The Fight
2. Dont Stop (produced by Andre Hillbard)
3. Battle Stations
4. Verbal Intercourse
5. Its Official ft 11:30
6. Adderall (produced by Andre Hilbard)
7. Miseducation ft Isis (produced by Big Boi beats)
8. Unstoppable
9. Why? (Produced by Tyler Smith)
10. Hustla Anthem ft Lil Wyte & Kike
11. Confession ft Powerdise of Critical Bill. (produced by Stir Crazy)
12. Pissed ft Mastamind (produced by Dx Da Flex)
13. Running away (produced by Terrall Jackson
14. I Lead ft Jelly Roll (produced by Dx Da Flex)
15. Every Voice Matters ft D-Killa & Tasha (produced by Airen Jensen)

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