Esham “Fuck PSY” – comments about Mastamind at GOTJ 2012 – “rapping in the dark next to the hotdog man…”

Mastamind played at gotj 2012 –

Esham had a few comments ……

Look how the played mastamind had him rapping on the kiddie stage…but he thinks they respect him…lol homie….

had him rapping by the bar b que pits… no love..

that has nothing to do with them having my man rapping in the dark next to the hotdog man…

poor slot because they will do anything to place him in a poor light ..shame on them

fuck them for that among other things…

6 responses to “Esham “Fuck PSY” – comments about Mastamind at GOTJ 2012 – “rapping in the dark next to the hotdog man…”

  1. are these comments from esham’s facebook ?


  2. I know if Icp and Esham were to put out a diss track they would of already like they did on emeinem. Esham Dissed the fuck out of his bitch ass on supnended animation american made.

    i mean its getting way too ridiculous between them.

  3. any word on the venus flytrap release date?

  4. There goes Esham blaming everyone else again. Bitter ass stale nigga. Mastamind is the shit by the way. The man works hard without crying like a bitch like Esham. Just bought a hard copy of NTOXSICATION to show support.

  5. Hey E, in my opinion you can get a much better view and show on the second stage. If they are disrepecting you n yours then they disprespect them selves by playin the Psychopathic Rydas on second Stage. They give everyone a chance, unless they suck. if you suck they dont play you n everyone boos you off. at least mastamind got a slot in the roster.

  6. Icp feel off years ago esham has always been reel as a juggalo and wicked shit advisor ill take esham over n e one much love ta king slamon Danny brown and j dilla ….esham riped em. On that proof tip r.I.p. and been reel sence day one natas and e east side foreal life Jefferson and St.jean

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