Homey the Clown – YCFWTP – Esham – Juggalo Gang FBI

Esham has released a new video from homey the clowns new album mighty death pop – YCFWTP – you cant fuck with the police .
Telling Anyone that wants to fight the police and fbi about being called a gang that they cant fuck with the police.
Juggalo Gang and Insane clown posse – YCFWTP

4 responses to “Homey the Clown – YCFWTP – Esham – Juggalo Gang FBI

  1. this was so fucking retarded, the rap sucks balls for one and for two, wtf does this have to do with Juggalos?? I hate them just as much as you guys but seriously this is fucking dumb, its video from infowars about the Occupy movement…. Now what in the fuck does that have anything to do with Juggalos, they even too damn lazy to protest. Sorry an shit but this was just gay as gay can be. Half-wits

  2. If e wanted to diss icp he would put it in a track saying raw wicket shit dissing the fuck put out icp saying fuck icp. And same shit would icp would do the same saying fuck Esham, I’m a Juggalo down for life don’t give a fuck what everyone else says ( even if it’s fam) I respect Esham because of the wicket shit that he has put out for years.

    I might be a Juggalo but true Los and lettes don’t give a fuck what anybody tells them and show respect.

  3. its nice to see esham and psychopathic togather agian and esham if you see this i forgive u whoop whoop mcl

  4. wow, e’s slippin these dayz!

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