Insane clown posse robbing detroit artists – esham bath salts stolen for gotj 2012 infomercial

Looks like esham is getting ripped off again by icp , check out the 2012 Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial then compare it to the bath salts video made 3 weeks ago – ICP is stealing from detroit artists again.

Even now psychopathic can’t come with their own original content ( I liked it better when it was called bath salt) everyone at their label is fired!
-Esham on facebook

So once again stupid icp steals from esham and gets famous off his back.

6 responses to “Insane clown posse robbing detroit artists – esham bath salts stolen for gotj 2012 infomercial

  1. How about esham stealing from me, ordered about 60 dollars of stuff of his website and am still waiting 2 YEARS!

    • Hah eshams webstore got me for a bunch of shit… wheres my physical copy of suspended extened, judgement day, boomin words, hellaween……2 years later, whos stealing what now?
      Foul ball, foul ball, foul ball motherfucka foul ball

  2. put this bad ass remix on your news feed thing

  3. Yeah…to be fair I ordered a Judgement Day CD and that shit hasn’t turned up…never downloaded a single Esham album, only buy the CDs.

    • Thats why you dumb fucks dont use a site that has been fucked up for a while, you actually think that he runs the site by his self whos to say hes even at fault? Fallow the leader meet your own reflection, just juggalo with a wicked erection. Whoop Whoop fuckin homos!

  4. Not really, Esham just can’t handle his ego and couldn’t keep up with ICP or Psychopathic Records.

    Everyone does downsize Esham’s music and I love the guy’s shit but his beef with ICP calling them racists and shit is stupid. He helped make Carnival of Carnage for fuck sakes, that album completely hates on bigotry.

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