New Esham “VENUS FLYTRAP” in stores August 2012

01. cyanogenis glycoside 02. neurolathyrism 03. myristicin 04. thiosulphate 05. wolfsbane 06. monkshood 07. doll’s eyes 08. devil’s cherry 09. cyanobacteria 10. poison snakeweed 11. xanthium 12. delosperma acumin 13. delosperma acuminatum 14. acacia polyacantha 15. zanthoxylum arborescens 16. echinopsis peruviana 17. ipomoea tricolor & ipomoea violacea 18. salvia divinorum 19. pandanicide 20. sinicuichi 21. peyote 22. Claviceps


  1. can’t wait, yo! probably sounds similar to dmt, cuz i can tell by the titles of the songs!

  2. this better not be like dmt sessions that cd had 3 good tracks outta 20ish

    • Go back and listen to DMT bro! I slated it but went back robot recently and it’s great -more a mixtape than album, but sick still.

  3. im a big esham fan too but the homey the clown cd sucked, dmt sessions also, suspended extended animation sucked too. and hellaween pure horror was ok but i noticed when hes makin these cds with 30 tracks and 2 mins each the songs suck…suspended animation was a great cd and all of his cds b4 that too (besides the one i listed).. and i love how hes down wit icp till like 08 or 09 then he disses them and twiztid i just think hes on mad drugs to be honest/ his esham for mayor ep was dope thou

  4. not a huge fan like I used to be, BUT I can say that I bet 85% of you people don’t even know what each track on his cd’s mean. JS. BTW~nobody told you to listen to his music, so if you don’t like it and think you can so better by all means.

  5. thank god hes not with that faggy juggalo shit anymore..fuck ICP!

  6. New fucking Esham is ALWAYS cause for a celebration. Been following E since ’92… that’s 20 years! I for one will be first in line to buy that shit. Esham is the only rapper I’ve even listened to in over 10 years, nobody else speaks to me, I actually prefer Doom Metal (based on early Black Sabbath. Drugs, the occult and depression are it’s subject matter). If you don’t expect an artist to grow in 25 years, you might want to take a look at yourself. I’ll always support Esham in his endeavors. DMT ruled, both Suspended’s are amazing, even the Holy Black Mamba was interesting. But Death of an Indy Label spoke volumes to me as a record label owner myself trying to craft releases for the modern day market. I love that Esham is always down for doing whatever it takes to give the fans a release, whether they sell or not. I hope he keeps entertaining us for 25 more years! Thank-you good sir!

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  10. Damn the new album looks bad ass!!! ima b in line to pick up a copy fo sho! i think i wud rather buy Venus Flytrap then The Mighty Death Pop, i only been a fan for a year now but during that year esham helped me through a lot and helpped me find my place in this fucked up world, i will always be suicidal and all of my suicidal thoughts are all placed inside his music, instead of doin that suicidal shit in reel life i wud rather pop a few pills or smoke a few drugs and listen to Esham’s reel life and get trapped inside his music…. Thank you Esham!!! always supporting you, no matter how much cash ur website Helluvastore took from me, becuz none of the merch i ordered never showed, i understand u gotta eat

  11. All Esham cds r good excuse me GREAT. And y u ask? cuz he aint afried of experimenting like most rappers Lack These Days. Most rappers r concern about having a hit and get that money but they forget about the music. Dont get me worng money is good. But 2 make music whitout being concern of selling and having a hit recoerd is PRICELESS. And for the Esham, Icp Drama in my opinion They will squash ALL THAT SHIT ONCE AGAIN.

  12. If they don’t like your new shit is because they ain’t hardcore as they say they are open your mind and smoke some weed and cut the lights and play the real music i am from south africa i play your horrorcore all the time keep on moving fuck what the say they don’t know.@ESHAMUNHOLY–SEE YOU SOON YO

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