Esham – Coma – Off youtube ban – REBUILDING DETROIT

Esham is back from his youtube ban with a video for coma off dmt sessions and rebuilding detroit..

To much snow, Detroit I love my city you all should love this place too.. Rebuild help out don’t just stand by and let it go to waist, you can make a difference be the chance you want to see. The first snow fall of the year Jan 2012 and I was out and about rolling thru Detroit like I always do on another urban exploration only some love can save this place…Much love Detroit…Bill Yen peep dmt sessions if you haven’t already worth a listen blessings… Wrote a song about it like to hear it here it go!!

I got ban off youtube for a minute! I’m off youtube parole… I guess, but I got 1 more strike and it’s over they gonna cancel my account said my shit is to raunchy, dig that.. so Imma play it cool for now like the snow…. Bill Yen

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