Esham allegedly Appologizes to juggalos – Juggalos Diss Esham Back – No Such Thing as A Juggalo Family

So esham has allegedly come out and apologized to juggalos about some of the stuff he said …….
Some words from the heart hoping it can heal some deep wounds made by myself…… A juggalo PSA let us forgive our brothers who have trespassed against us … I only did on to others what they have done to me forgive me..

This is how the loyal and kind juggalo family responds
“Bottom line, Esham has done nothing but harm to Psychopathic, and the juggalos. His career is done, it has been for a long long time”
“EXCUSES. You dont DISS and make disgusting allegations at Violent J, and think that some BULL SHIT apology will fix it. Keeping the tracks that ICP and TWIZTID are on, but all your cd’s are trashed. Fuck u for ever.”
“Esham’s a druggalo”
“Esham will be missed. Im sorry esham but youve strayed too far from the fam to come back… ABK was lucky he got the forgiveness he did i dont think anyone is gonna give you shit…”
“fuck juggalo’s , i dont know why he try’s to kiss their ass’s after he makes fun of them so much , ”
“I’m gonna make an apology video pretending to be michael jackson and apologize for being a little boy lover…would you believe that to?”
“Fuck Juggalos for dissing him? Nah homie, fuck YOU for dissing Juggalos.”
” He ruined his reputation with nearly all Juggalos and burned his bridge with Psychopathic long long long ago”
“Wow, Esham must be going broke again. I’m not falling for it!”

Where is the juggalo family at or is that just a myth???
Last month J-10 Now its esham again


3 responses to “Esham allegedly Appologizes to juggalos – Juggalos Diss Esham Back – No Such Thing as A Juggalo Family

  1. Bro let me no where you are so i can fuck you up dumb bitch, who the fuck is an emo looking fake ass juggalo to judge the god father of the wicked shit. Esham had his fun got lost in his mind fucked up with psychopathic for what ever reason but he still has his shit together, doing druggs, living life, rappin and taking responsability of his actons .Bitch you aint reel esham albums are worth gold worth to have as your own. Let me no where the fuck you are bro so i can fuck you up bro for real ill beat the living shit out of you

  2. “Egg Roll Bank Roll Fuck These Stank Hoes”

  3. Me and my homies are going to throw shit at esham on juggalos

    2WIZEDEAD – Horrorflik musick

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