Daniel Jordan-The Stranger review by John M. Ellison IV


Whenever you get something from Daniel Jordan, as cliché as this might sound always expect the unexpected. Esham protégé Daniel Jordan’s new album “The Stranger” is a concept album that paints a portrait of the struggles of dealing with past unresolved issues, suicidal thoughts, depression. Even though a very personal album, a lot people can relate to the emotion behind it. Sound-wise, the album has elements of punk, jazz, blues. It also contains movie samples and G.G. Allin vocal samples. Seriously, how many rappers do you know that sample or at least even heard of G.G. Allin? Except for Cee-Lo, he posted a reference to Allin on his Twitter page.

Although a very good album, I’m going to focus on the tracks that really stood out to me. I wouldn’t mind doing a detailed interview about this album with Daniel Jordan.

The Illuminati Wants me Dead

At first glance at the song title you would expect that it’s a paranoid rant about hip-hop’s new obsession…secret societies! Where it’s not really about the secret society per se, it’s more about breaking through delusions and facing reality. It also features production by Esham.

I Hate Drug Dealers

This track features Jordan’s punk side. You have Daniel Jordan rapping over a punk rock influenced track about the perils of prescription drugs.

The Stranger

An electro bass, Middle Eastern tinged track that’s accompanied by a collage of film samples that imitates racing thoughts. The lyrics paint the picture of him as an assassin killing his family.

No Friends

The theme of Isolation plays throughout the song, even though it’s more related to the music industry mantra “its called show business not show friends.” It’s also kind of a warning to artists to not get caught up in music industry politics.

Pride is Stronger than Love

A song that’s subject matter is about dealing with a crazy girlfriend and the struggles that come along with it…complimented with a sample of a sermon from Bishop T.D. Jakes. Seriously, where else can you find an album with vocal samples from Bishop T.D. Jakes and G.G. Allin?

In closing, if you’re into albums that play more like a movie then “The Stranger” would be considered an indie classic. Keep an eye out November 1st 2011 for “The Stranger”

Photo: Daniel Jordan’s Myspace


One response to “Daniel Jordan-The Stranger review by John M. Ellison IV

  1. G.G. Allen was da shit!!!! That is pretty fuckin fresh. I gotta check da albumout

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