Isaac M. Baranoff – Esham and Suicidilist Hater

One of the biggest trolls and haters of esham on youtube is Isaac M. Baranoff , he has dissed esham about 50 times in the past month , made 3 comics slandering esham , made over 10 youtube accounts attacking esham and his fans suicidislts
but now is claiming to be a real esham fan again.

He also will remove any comments on eshams videos which support esham with his multiple accounts and lack of life while keeping comments where he has claimed to be more famous then esham , while his comix sell 2 copies a year both purchased by him .

Some of his youtube accounts include

One of the lies by this troll
@Phunk2k Esham LITERALLY tells his fans to shut the fuck up, fuck off, eat a dick, kill themselves, die, etc.

LILTREEZY1 2 days ago 2

Eshams Response

@LILTREEZY1 That is a flat out lie I only say that to you……Bill Yen

gothominc 1 day ago

He has now made a video claiming to be a esham fan , this after attacking esham and his fans , Isaac M. Baranoff is a troll .


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