Bone Thugs N Harmony & Esham Pay 12 Promo Fan Video

Enjoy it with Flesh!


One response to “Bone Thugs N Harmony & Esham Pay 12 Promo Fan Video

  1. had violent J list his favorite horrorcore songs and he finally talks about Esham dissing them.

    5. Esham – “My Last Words” (1992)

    “He’s the one who influenced us in Detroit. If I were to make a list of the top 10 most influential songs he’d be on there four or five times. From day one in 1990 to current day he is just one of the most slept-on and underrated artists. Right now, his last couple albums have been all about hating us to death. He even has a song about killing me on Halloween [laughs], but despite that I gotta give it up to him as an artist… To be honest with you, brother, we were friends. We were tight. All the way up until the Gathering two years ago. We both love Ice Cube, and he came to the Gathering that year. I put Esham on right before Ice Cube went on in hopes that he’d see Esham perform. Then at the Gathering one of his friends walked up to me and said I want to be the first to give you this. And I looked at it. And it had a clown on the cover with a gun to his head, and I was like, “What is this?” I didn’t even know he had anything coming out. And I started looking for him and Esham was gone. Then I went into the back and played it, and it was just a total dis album. And we were hanging out with the guy every day! How can we ever hang out again? I didn’t know you felt that way about us. You know, you’d hang out with us during the day then you go home and write that shit? That’s insane, you know. So, we’re not talking. And I’ve known him all my life. But like they say, man, geniuses are also lunatics. But I’ll still give it up for ‘My Last Words.’ “

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