Esham Comments about joe Bruce

once again joe bruce eat a dick but that’s a compliment i know that;s you bitch im still in business what about your 12 year old girl business let’s not forget about the boys you should have been a preacher that’s why you had such a problrem with crooked preacher killa cause you was feeling the preachers and I produced that song and got no credit punk bitch sorry this just me venting my therapist says it’s more healthy to get it out than to leave it in….. gothominc


One response to “Esham Comments about joe Bruce

  1. yo cuz, i say you let the juggalos know how shit is ran at psychopathic from a dicked over artists stand point. cuz i feel you, i thought we were all a giant family, but apparently we juggalos is just a giant business, anyways, much support, One

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