Esham vows to never work with icp again

Im sorry you feel like that but I will never work with Icp again god could never do work with the devil this is how they always wanted to see me born broke beat up and always hungry!!!!

gothominc 2 hours ago

2 responses to “Esham vows to never work with icp again

  1. Esham you dont need nobody man….your the shit, if i was a billionaire i would be a millionaire over night just to give you half of what i got. You earn as much as any paid actor musician, your top dogg in my book. Your my favorite musician ever even when im on my deathbed imma b jammin to your shit, so i atleast want you to know that if this is the only way i can tell you this i’m 23 years old i been down with the RLP since i was 13 & still loving it!

  2. btw im not even mad i couldnt download your new cd cuz it didnt work on me the last 2times i want it bad as fuck but i cant get mad atchu man your my favorite artist keep making new ones i just hope the next one you make i can fuckin download lol

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