Esham claims he will call his next album pop death mighty , threatens violent J with part 6 of death of an indie label

This song is really about the chupacabra and how the puppet master is turning her into a wicket clown like some of his past creations still behind the scenes pulling strings I might go and name my new album

pop death mighty!!! Juggalos are cool with me that’s why I fucks with the chupacabra she a down ass juggalette!! now if I had said what does joe bruce and micheal jackson have in common? part 6 of 6 ha ha ha ha ha you will soon find out……….Bill Yen

now to explain to the people out there thinking esham is being positive to juggalos , the idea behind addict is esham is turning chupacabra into a juggalo by feeding her drugs and fucking up her mind, that is why esham is saying stuff about micheal jackson .


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