Esham Dmt Sessions Review – Album of the Year

Esham is a hip hop institution. Extremely well-know for the rap scene in Detroit, a living legend having to his credit several classics of the region. A pioneer and now probably the only contractor Acid Rap, also known from countless large beefs and disses. But we must remember that Esham is not only bad horrorcore rapper.

This year, the hit of the thirteenth solo album, which proved that the concerns of some (including me) about the condition of his rap was totally unsubstantiated.

Compared to last year’s album – “Suspended Animation”, which was judged differently, “DMT Sessions” is an album, which is not a bad word to say. Whoever thinks that Esham is slowly aging rapper who has been the best years behind him should verify its opinion after listening to this CD. Who would have thought that such an old hand like Esham put on a little experiment with sound Dupstep? This mix different than “standard” that is so discredited, dubstep. Of course the whole album is not in any way Depstep are just a few isolated bits, which are “DMT Sessions” extra flavor.

“I love drugs and drugs love me”

Another interesting treatment by Esham are the titles on the disc. The majority are specialist drug names, so if it bothers you that may mean the title of “methylenedioxymethamphetamine” a hint – it’s nothing but a relationship with the family of amphetamines. This is just further proof of how much Esham is weird , and his lyrics differ from the standards, which serves up contemporary rap. Esham on this record goes back to great form with the early 90s … though perhaps it is exaggerated, however, the term over because the forms of “KKKill the fetus,” even though it will be difficult to pin one style to esham. However, “DMT Session,” proves that Mr. Smith is not yet so tragically, even though I thought differently a year ago. In total, fully to his rap skills and technique I discovered recently, which I regret a little. Do not change the fact that I appreciate everything you did for the Detroit rap scene, and the very fact that this pioneer of one of the factions should be enough horrorcore to give him due respect.

If you have not yet had opportunity to read his work, you do not know what to expect you after Esham easiest it will be determined in three words – evil, hatred, sin. Looking at so sick songs like “Devil’s Groove” and “Amen Another Sin” recorded at age 13 can not be expected that with 38 years Esham suddenly turn into a polite and religious peasant. In his veins flows the blood of the devil, which, moreover, is not ashamed. Although the impression that, compared to the “crazy” 90s Esham “. He became a little more serious, in fact all the turmoil at the head of a threat that will never record any piece of the attack, people associated with the D12 had to work at it this way and not otherwise. “DMT Sessions” is simply a great dose of the patient, psychedelic rap, which is created at a very high level. Even if you can not recognize horrorcore as “serious” subspecies of rap, even if you argue that it is niche music, which is not worth a look, sit down please, Listen to “DMT Sessions” and simply change your mind.

This album is amazing climate over time, which can induce psychosis. It’s only music, but hard work on the senses, moreover, the term “acid rap” commits. This works just like rap acid falls hard and leaves a great loss. After hearing this CD I guarantee that you will return to it a second time, third, fourth, twenty … Until it becomes your obsession.

In conclusion … Surely this is not an album that every good rap fan should check it though, because it is really leading the production of this year. Esham back in a big way, and shows that even afford him to record an album almost famous , which only highlights his achievements and great skill. It is still controversial, still engages in almost every fight with people with whom have recently held (Twiztid, Psychopathic rest of the team), scratches seemed to be long averted conflicts (several verses in the direction of Eminem). So far, no one answered, and probably will not answer, because Esham is a long time. But it does not recognize anything, “DMT Sessions”, which undoubtedly merited a very good grade. One of my favorites for this year’s top 5

(translated to english)


One response to “Esham Dmt Sessions Review – Album of the Year

  1. Yo esham , dmt sessions is da bomb, completely agree with this review, i keep listenin to it again and again and again.

    i even needed a short detox now…:)

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