Esham – pricele$$ ble$$ing$ – Priceless Blessings

Bill Yen here with the latest breaking ESHAM NEWS!!!! shot on location at
St. Agness church in Detroit…. Esham takes you inside for a unholy sermon only he can provide… Thank you all for supporting Death of a Indie label soundtrack and here is our little way of giving back to you all who have gave us so much over the years…. ( pricele$$ ble$$ing$ ) I’d like to be the first to wish Esham a Happy Birthday….. and as always he is giving us yet another gift!!!!!!

–Detroit MI
This Gothic style church was built in 1924 to serve the affluent La Salle Gardens area. The parish itself was organized in 1914 and used a temporary structure for worship until this edifice was built. As Saint Agnes, the parish closed in 1989. It was then reborn as an African-American Catholic parish, Martyrs of Uganda. Unfortunately, this newer parish has been closed by the Archdiocese because of maintenance costs of an older building and a decline in the size of the congregation.


4 responses to “Esham – pricele$$ ble$$ing$ – Priceless Blessings

  1. I use to live in those Russell Woods apartments around the block which is on La Salle rite across from Durfey Elementary/Middle & Central High School, my bro’s was listening to Esham & RLP & selling dope like the cheapest gas !

  2. one of the best video and song by esham..just amazing as usual..but i like this new style from him..!!!

  3. do u guys like esham just because he diss juggalos?


  4. Marshall Mathers

    Nice video man…

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