Esham Replaces Hatchet Man Tattoo With tattoo of a Star Crushing the Hatchetman

Esham has tattoos on both his hands , on the left he has the soopa villanz logo – an group he created and has all rights to , on his right Esham used to have a hatchet man logo but now has had it replaced with a large star crushing the hatchetmen , as if telling the world his stardom will not be held down by juggalos and the insane clown posse.
And this is not edited or photoshoped as some juggalos will claim , check the last part of death of an indie label for the footage and open your eyes.
Esham is no longer a juggalo , does not have a hatchetmen tattoo and is beefing with Psycopathic records , all of these claims are FACT.


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