Esham – Therapy (Live at The Ritz 09/03/11)

Esham – Therapy (Live at The Ritz 09/03/11) – thanks for the upload

I’m having suicidal thoughts
Brain cells dead from the coma
My aroma dead body rotten gone but not forgotten
Seems like you forgot
Man I took one shot
Now I lay me down to sleep body hot rot
Got no love when I was a toddler
Now I swallow bullets for fun playin games with the gun
Hope I spit up,get up,throw up,mind blow up
I told my teacher I want to be like Hitler when I grow up
Now I got a mental block got the pussy hammer cocked
Tick tock and ya don’t stop make the pussy pop
To the break of dawn,to the break of dawn
Once again it’s on
.357 chrome plated to my dome
Now I know you want to know about knowing what I’m knowing
If you knew me you would know that I be flowing
Dead boy killa,guerilla stilla illa chilla
I’m going out of my mind on the realla my nilla
Man I need some therapy

So tell me what you think about the psychadelic funkadelic relic
In my maggot brain
All types of things happen,insane
I can’t explain how I wonder let me take you under
With this suicidalist ain’t afraid to die
Who wonder why I think this way
So we all gotta die one fuckin day
Ain’t no way I’ma say I love you now
Cause my heart’s so cold I don’t know how
Now you hate what you create wicket mind state
Gotta date with death and what’s left’s my fate
Fuck tomorrow no sorrow I live today
And I don’t give a fuck about what you say
I’ma ride this suicide this I decide this
Life I live
All take no give
And if I take sum back then I must be wrong
But dead men don’t sing no fuckin songs
I need some therapy




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