Esham and Lil B’s Marketing Style Very Similar

Saw this at all hip hop and i got to agree , lil b is using a similar marketing style esham had used decades ago, except he has the added benefit of the Internet for his word of mouth advertising .
Funny how he calls himself Based God , and Esham the Black Devil …. one day there might be a war…

All You dudes talkin sh*t about Esham either never been to or lived in or near detroit or yall jus f**k*n stupid. That n*gga started all that devil rap. but he kept it on wax unlike your favorite artists that live that devil rap and sould thir soul for real. This n*gga was droppin tapes like master p and was independent at 16 are yall serious. And all the cds my man mentioned are detroit classics. boomin words , judgement day/ night kkkill the fetus, dead flowers , closed caskets not including all natas sh*t. I personally didnt listen to him early because i couldnt listen to that type of s**tbut if you like at the art he wayyyy ahead of his time. lil b followed his blueprint except Esham was gettin Retail on all his tapes no mixtapes. Groups like Odd Future know about esham and everyone respects them. Esham birthed all that.

Thats a lesson for you young punks”


One response to “Esham and Lil B’s Marketing Style Very Similar

  1. esham dissin odd future

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