Death of an Indie Label – Soundtrack

esham death of an indie label

Now available from is the long awaited soundtrack to “Death of an Indie Label”. Featuring 20 new tracks from Esham, this mixtape is the straight 100% vodka chaser to wash down the horrifying mindfuck that is Reel Life The Movie. This digital download is $9.99 and also includes a photographic slideshow featuring never before seen images of Esham, Deadboy and Natas. No, Esham is not retiring. Yes, he is back to murder everyone. Buy it now!!!!


01. Comatose
02. Denouement
03. Reignin
04. Odd Future
05. Orgy Orange
06. Priceless Blessings
07. Cheddaphile ft. Seven the General
08. Time Machine
09. Sayonara
10. U Aint Got Nuthin On Me ft. Poe Whosaine
11. Serious Business
12. House 4 Rent
13. Daniel Jordan Skit
14. Beautiful Girl
15. Let The System Bump
16. Another Flight
17. Death Of An Indie Label
18. Amy Winehouse
19. Indubitably
20. Big Thangs ft J dilla Beat


One response to “Death of an Indie Label – Soundtrack

  1. why cant i buy this anywhere online or off

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