Esham disses lil wayne – lil wayne vs jay z- bad meets evil diss

no matter how much lil wayne disses jay z, jay z never kissed dame in the mouth so I gotta go with jay cause wayne is gay……. I know alot of you niggas would kiss another man to be in waynes shoes not me I’m str8 nigga!!!! I still have my soul……lol funny style ass niggas fuck MTV and the VMAs bunch of sell outs and I aint talking bout concerts……….
gothominc 6 hours ago

Justin Bieber hit me up & said he wants to do a track I said I don’t do pop music call eminem & royce for that put your lighters up….. crackhead fuck outta here bruno mars ass in your face…ha ha ha! im just bored jimmi iveen thanx for killin hip hop bitch!!!!! Mike jackson was right you are the devil son of a bitch let me stop I feel the secret sevice watching I’m out like bad meets evil can you say dud…..
gothominc 6 hours ago

Some body please tell lil wayne stop wit the skinneys nigga look like a spandex rocker ha ha ha 4 reel thou… watch the throne was straight but I hear Jay Z & Kanye like the dmt sessions influence heavy…….Bill Yen…
gothominc 6 hours ago

Shot on location in my back yard pyramid……… Last of the real nigz…..Peace to deadboy and bloody mary who just got shot in the head last month and survived wowzers life is short… enjoy love is god ….
gothominc 6 hours ago


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