J DILLA – Rebirth of Detroit – Feb 2012 – Esham , Danny Brown and Guilty Simpson

rebirth of detroit

Listed in this correspondence, are many exciting, visionary and important necessities which can do the invevitable of posthumously making James Dewitt Yancey (J Dilla) the greatest branded, promoted and profitable hip hop producer & emcee that has ever peformed the music. From 1989 to 2006, J Dilla produced & amassed the greatest hip hop production ever recorded. The best producers of this genre (D.J. Premier, Pete Rock, Kanye West, Pharrell, Nic Speed, The Rza, Black Milk, Q-Tip, Dr.Dre, Questlove, 9th Wonder etc.) have all publicly stated and interviewed that J Dilla was THE greatest of all time. His timeless music, unflailing work ethic, archived catalog, rabid fanbase and undeniable talents, with proper & pious promotion will elevate him to his correct level. He is within the peer group of Jimi Hendrix, Thelonious Monk, John Lennon, Elvis Pressley, John Coltrane, Janis Joplin & Miles Davis. He is the last original soul man of The Motown Era. Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and J Dilla can, should, and will be spoken humbly and graciously within the same breath.

His national & international fanbase is loyal, cult-like and forever. From Germany, France, California, Michigan, Serbia, Italy, Africa, England, Georgia, Canada, Texas, Japan, Australia, Central Americas and others, we get daily calls, emails and cyber correspondence regarding this great man’s works. J Dilla’s catalog is considered sacred and hollowed ground within hip hop circles. Putting God first and with great care and respect, The Yancey Media Group has decided it is time to begin releasing his catalog for his many fans throughout the world.

J Dilla was different. He was prodigious in his childhood, alien like in his wok ethic, a perfectionist and eclectic. Being that he is deceased, I feel undeniably and without fail, I must tell you the most important things necessary for this to be a successful partnership. There can be no other way, as his mother Mrs. Maureen Yancey and The Yancey Media Group, will only be complete after we have done our very best for him and his family.

His being, personified his music and that carried over to his peers and fanbase. They are as he is, eclectic. Therefore, we must do specifics necessary to please them, as they will in turn repay the efforts tenfold. Vinyl & Compact Disc distribution has to be done with his catalog. There is no way around it. From 16 year old kids in London, to 70 year olds in Michigan, will want something physical from him. His base feels he is a part of them. This is all very true what I am writing you. Hard to explain, yet true. We have did some beautiful things to increase the value of physical packaging.

A full length DVD with interviews of artists, family members, recording sessions and many poignant moments in the making of this project, have been carefully documented for the consumer. It can be included with cd & or vinyl. J Dilla fans will buy vinyl, compact disc and instrumentals. We have 28 songs from the very best of Detroit”s Hip Hop scene with his production. Guilty Simpson, Esham, Danny Brown, Monica Blaire, Phat Kat, T3, etc. to name a few. This is the best recorded hip hop music of the past 5 years. We have 2 volumes. We have the masters, of 2 legends of this music (J Dilla & Proof) working together, in their beginnings, vaulted for future project. It will be monumental. We have begin negotiations for the most ideal & creative merchandising for this legend. Musical instrumentation, headphones, clothing, assesories such as condoms, lighters, skateboards, etc are within our realm and we are going to get it. Once the Detroit series of “Rebirth” is accomplished, we will “Rebirth” hip hop with artists from everywhere. They will be lined up to perform over a J Dilla production. That includes ALL established artists from Common, Justin Timberlake, Drake, Badu, Dangelo, Flea of Red Hot Chilli Peppers (200 million records sold) etc. We need a commercial budget in this area, as this is key and of great importance. The combination of his home performing music, with industry & peer promotion, will be unprecedented.We have purchased 2 domains for website promotion, which will exhibit never seen before photos, unheard music, interviews and whatever deemed great for promotion. We have begun documentation for his biography, as most all key elements for authenticity are alive and gladly participating in defining his legacy. Barq’s Root Beer & Sprite are within our realm as his soda and this is just the beginning. This will be a life defining work, to ascend J Dilla to his pantheon of greatness. God willing, we will succeed.

A key element in these works, is the great deeds he achieved while living. He will not need marketing. He was the standard of hip hop production. All roads hip hop production, must visit J Dilla. His peers, fans, music, historians, books, etc. Will insure that. As long as hip hop music is being made, he will be marketed. Jazz Trumpet will always mention Miles Davis. Hip Hop production, will always mention J Dilla.

J Dilla was born February 7. He passed away on February 10. The month of February (throughout the world) is a gala affair, in his honor. Tributes, testimonials, parties, etc are given. This is the time we envision distributing our recording. The promotion will be done in many ways, from the precedent of the past 5 years. Television commercials from the aforementioned peers, celebrities & artists would be exceptional. Major magazine, print advertisement & local weekly publications & interviews, would also be extremely helpful. Video media on WSHH VideoTUBE|Urban Media can play a major role in our success. The lineup used for this recording is impressive and quantified enough to have simultaneous tours. We also will have “Rebirth Of Detroit” release parties in California and Michigan. He passed away in California. Therefore, he has a very strong demograchic there.

This project will be a defining piece of work for music and hip hop particularly. All that is needed is the continued hard work and proper promotion. Working together for this project and legacy, will be fruitful and defining for all. Oppurtunities are limitless, endless and boundless. The only dissappointment, will be him not being here to witness his tireless effort manifest. There will never be another J Dilla. With our collective effort promoting this truth, he will rest humbly & peacefully.


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