King Gordy – Esham In The 80’s – diss or shout out ???? – jesus christs mistress album

new single off of the album!album fts. Twiztid Bizarre of D12 Fat Killahz and Melanie Rutherford

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BITCH IM ESHAM IN THE 80s ?? is it a diss or a shout out


5 responses to “King Gordy – Esham In The 80’s – diss or shout out ???? – jesus christs mistress album

  1. This a str8 SHOUT OUT to ESHAM, which is KING GORDYS top Influence,its not a diss Im pretty sure Esham gave him the OK on this track, it should be a banger like RICK ROSS-2pac Back! ….he should shoot a video with Esham in it or showing a picture of Esham like RICK ROSS did with “2pac Back” Esham’s the GREATEST so you gotta shout out to the man like DWADE,KOBE& LBJ do to MJ-23 !

  2. hey esham

    Eminem mentions ICP and ESHAM in new interview,0

    Interviewer: There wasn’t a lot of Detroit hip-hop nationally known before you guys, Slum Village, things like that came along in the mid-’90s. What was happening before that? Who locally was inspiring you?

    Royce: I looked up to Esham and Detroit’s Most Wanted. I was only 20 when I met Em. I was the new guy coming up. When I had seen the way that they battled, I had never seen nothing like that before. Once I’d seen Proof in action. They opened me up to a whole new scene, basically.

    Eminem: Yeah, I definitely listened to Esham when he first came out. There was a place we used to go to called Record Time, it was a little record store and they’d kind of pushed the local artists a little bit. So when Kid Rock first came out, ICP, Esham, they would really push ‘em. But even aside from that, there were also a lot of artists who didn’t have records, didn’t have tapes, you know didn’t have anything but a buzz, like Proof, for example. His buzz was huge, his name in the city was huge. And you know [he] didn’t really have a record and I think he might have, somewhere in that time period, may have released a little single or something like that, but [the buzz] was more so built on his reputation and how he was known for freestyling and battling. So there was that community of us in the underground that didn’t have records out. So we all kinda used to just feed off each other and influence each and inspire each other.

  3. Defiently a shout out

  4. How come every time when someone’s name is mentioned in a song, people automaticly assume its a diss? It a shout out.

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