Controversial Detroit Artist Releases Shocking New Album

Aknu Media LLC recording artist Esham’s highly anticipated album “DMT Sessions” arrives in stores and at all online retailers today. As Detroit’s most prolific and top selling independent hip hop artist, Esham has built his career with ferocious tales of Motown’s horrifying underworld and risk taking trip hop.
DMT Sessions, his 19th official studio album, features a provocative collection of 20 tracks that bleed into an oft-disturbing lucid dream leading listeners into an out of body experience. “DMT Sessions is an auditory psychedelic drug that I’m prescribing to the world”, Esham says. The idealistic framework behind the project’s omnipotent approach is based upon Esham’s interpretation of where the mind and music can go when enhanced by DMT, the spirit molecule.
Frantic production resonates throughout with magnetic, mechanical big bass experiments, hedonistic sex anthems and stormy bass darkness including the snarling title track (featuring the D’s own antithesis to sugar coated pop rap, Danny Brown). Skywalker, Abjo and Pitchbull’s atmospheric beats morph brilliantly with Esham’s bipolar arrangements that celebrate love and hate simultaneously.
Included with the album is a free screening of Esham’s first feature film, the shockumentary, “Death of an Indie Label”. The DVD and accompanying soundtrack of the movie will also be included in the deluxe retail version of DMT Sessions later this week.
For more information about Esham, please contact James Smith at (248) 266.0675 or
DMT Sessions Track Listing
01. oooooooooooohhhhhwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeee!!!
02. DMT Sessions
03. Valhalla Rising
04. China White
05. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
06. Oxycontin
07. Clonazepam
08. Sildenafil Citrate
09. Skrewberry Kush
10. Codeine Phosphate Promethazine
11. Scante
12. Psilocybin
13. A-Thujone
14. Phencyclidine
15. Yellow Jackets
16. Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
17. Lophophora Williams II
18. Dimethyltryptamine
19. Jack3d
20. Coma


One response to “Controversial Detroit Artist Releases Shocking New Album

  1. This Album should be another Platinum Plaque, I love the style its a different path after Suspended Animation, keep it up Esham & please Release REEL LIFE the Movie, RLP/GOTHOM for life….Westside Detroit Joy Rd area..

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