Esham “Witness The Wicked” Concert – Friday June 10 kalamazoo the strutt- Tix are 12 bucks (269)547-2816

Friday at 8:00pm – Saturday at 2:00am
The Strutt
773 West Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo, MI

Esham Hard Tickets Are In!! $12 (269)547-2816

esham tixets

The Esham show is still going on.. There has been some changes in the line up.. Myself and The Strutts hands are tied. We are being bullied by News 8 and local “POLITICS” I support freedom of speech and the artists no longer on the line up. These artists support me also thats why they will still be at the show and if you support them you will be there also. Talking shit on FaceBook gets you nowhere so lets all be adults and turn this bad situation into a good one. There are more shows lined up with these artists in them but in order to make them happen ASAP needs your suport..
The Detroit Rap Legend Esham


Larry Grizzlybear Benjamin

Rumble House

Yung Tact


Prime Suspects


Tickets $12 Advance & $15 @ Door



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