Daniel Jordan has a new website up – RIP Daniel jordan the Stranger


Check out daniel jordans new site looking really nice and has links to all his albums.

This is Daniel Jordan.
He was born Daniel Galindo on Oakland, California’s East Side to a young Armenian mother and Mexican-Italian father, both in their late teens. Music – especially soul and funk – was a constant influence in the family. He remembers his tenth birthday when his mother threw out his childhood toys and gave him Dr. Dre’s The Chronic.
After that, with a few typical detours of a teen growing up in a rough environment, Daniel went on to create his own all too descriptive and always authentic lyrics. He brought in his own unique versions of avant garde theatrical Punk to chilled out urban funk.
Daniel began performing at venues like Berkeley’s The 924 Gilman, The Grove of Aneheim and The Key Club and headlining at spots like San Jose’s The Cactus Club and Viper Room. He opened for acts like Insolence, Phunk Junkies, and Ice-T’s Bodycount to name a few. Fans describe the performances as a cross between Jim Morrison and GG Allin lawless, reckless and highly interactive.
You never really know what you’re going to get with Daniel Jordan and his fans like it that way.
By ’05, true to Daniel’s identification with outcasts, he began following Blaxploitation megastar, the late Rudy Ray “Dolemite” Moore, on the comedy circuit. It was then that twenty year old Daniel shared his sound and philosophy, inspiring Moore to take him under his wing in the music business with his independent “old dog” approach. Daniel could appreciate Dolemite’s hatred of the way artists – especially black artists – were treated in the industry. He identified with his bitterness and skepticism.
Dolemite often referred to Jordan as “a young man with an old soul.” Jordan credits Dolemite and others he’s worked with including Clarence Reid, aka Blowfly, as “the guys who changed my diapers,” for the guidance they offered him in his music and artistry.
In ‘08, a fan handed a Daniel Jordan tape to notorious Detroit acid-rap originator, Esham. The veteran’s jaw dropped and he knew he wanted to work with him, saying he couldn’t sleep for a week after hearing the tape, calling it, “beautifully chaotic.” After the Daniel became a prominent figure in Esham’s Reel Life Productions collective.
Music has naturally poured out of Daniel Jordan. At the end of ’08, Daniel released “Daniel Jordan’s Greatest Anti-Hits.” In ‘09, Essential Rarities Vol. 1 and in ‘10, Essential Rarities Vol. 1.
He is currently working on his fourth album entitled, “The Stranger,” slated for Summer 2011 release. Be on the lookout for an unforgettable experience of sound…


2 responses to “Daniel Jordan has a new website up – RIP Daniel jordan the Stranger

  1. Good looking DANIEL JORDAN best shit hardcore to the brain.

  2. Good looking DANIEL JORDAN best shit hardcore to the brain.can’t wait for the new album .

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