Esham Dmt Sessions – Bill Yen the Double Man – El Topo – EKX

Esham Dmt Sessions the new album dropping 2011 using the beat Full Metal jacket / Double Man by ekx and scenes from The Classic movie El Topo and sons of el topo.
This album will finally show Esham fans the influence of Bill Yen and Homey the clown in the final fight to supremacy .
DMT Sessions – Detroit better run Esham is coming like Hiroshima .
All Rights Reserved on video footage – buy the movie – Contact EKX for beats .

One day I was drinking —
I never drink —
Bill Yen Was Drinking ,
and that day I drank Vodka because Vodka is transparent.
So it was like drinking the glass. I’ve always wanted to drink the glass
instead of the liquid.
i think that Albums must be made like poems. Right? Some people make Albums like novels: Daniel Jordan
Some people make films like metaphysical stories: Mastamind.
But I want to make poems. We can make poetry —
we must make poetry. Poetry meant for a poet-audience.


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