Esham Dmt Sessions – SISTINE CHAPELS / Sphix / Sphinx Gate

Esham Promo for Dmt Sessions using the beat SISTINE CHAPELS / Sphix Gates by ekx and scenes from Never Ending Story.
This album will takes Esham back to the closed casket Era – Esham will outrun the 2 Sphinx and take control of the city.
DMT Sessions – Taking Over Detroit.
All Rights Reserved on video footage – buy the movie – Contact EKX for great beats .

Discussing the Making of the Film Clip For Stop Selling me Drugs

When we filmed the scene on the bridge, it was real.
An old wooden bridge. A hundred years old and the wood was rotten.
And at a height of nine hundred meters. I climbed up on the railing and
leaned against it without holding on. You can see that in the film.
And the entire technical crew was out on the bridge, running from it,
doing all sorts of things. And suddenly an umbrella fell from it, and for
several minutes we watched it float down like a feather. Then we
woke up and realized that we could die from one second to the next.
This began the Process From Suspened Animation / Suspended Extended To DmT Sessions.


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