Esham Dmt Sessions – Built the Aliens Promo – Session 1

Esham Promo for Dmt Sessions using the beat I built the aliens by ekx and scenes from altered states.
This album will take horrorcore and acidrap back because esham built the aliens.
DMT Sessions – Taking Over Detroit.
All Rights Reserved on video footage – buy the movie – Contact EKX for great beats .

Esham uses concrete symbols in every song. Cultural symbols.
For example, the pole in the desert is the Tao symbol.
For him, it is a sundial. This song tells of a person who, standing at a given point
and facing a given direction, would cast a shadow
which would point to the site of a hidden treasure.
He went to that site. He dug and dug, but found nothing.
And his shadow began to shorten until at noon
he had no shadow at all. And then he understood.


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