Eshams New Album DMT Sessions – DMT … DETROIT METROPOLIS TAKEOVER ????

Esham dmt sessions

Some More news from Toxsic

In January 2011, twenty-three minutes after I injected a large dose of DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine) into Eshams  arm vein. Esham is a forty-two-year-old married Hip Hop Megastar with extensive personal experience with psychedelic drugs. DMT is a powerful, short-acting psychedelic that occurs naturally in human body fluids, and is also found in many plants. Esham has read some Buddhism, but tractices Taoist meditation

He lies in a bed on the fifth floor of the University of New Mexico Hospital general Clinical Research Center. The clear plastic tubing that provides access to her vein dangles onto the bed. he cuff of a blood pressure machine is loosely attached to her other arm, and the tubing snakes its way into the back of a blinking monitor.

Within thirty seconds of injection, esham loses awareness of the room, and us in it. Besides myself, Eshams brother, who has just undergone a similar drug session, and our research nurse sit quietly by his side. I know from previous volunteers’ reports that peak effects of intravenous DMT occur between two to three minutes after the injection, and that esham will not be able to communicate for at least fifteen minutes, by which time most effects will have faded. His eyes closed, he begins spurting out laughter, at times quite uproarious, and his face turns red. “2011 MAY DMT SESSIONS WILL DROP”

Esham dmt sessions


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