NATAS, a.k.a. N*ggaz Ahead of Time And Space, is formed of ESHAM, T-N-T, an Mastamind.  They bring the “wicket-sh*t” in their style called “acid-rap”. This music is deep, if you understand what they are about it will blow your mind.  They don’t worship Satan or nothing like that, it’s the type of music, it’s acid-rap, that’s the style that’s the reason its so wicket, because no one else dares to do it, only they have, they started the whole style.

T-N-T hasn’t appeared as much as ESHAM or Mastamind, but when he does his completely different voice an style makes his mark in the group.  Mastamind like T-N-T, doesn’t show up as much as ESHAM but still he appears more then T-N-T, I don’t know why this is, but he too also makes his mark in the group showing that it would be nothing without him.  Now as for ESHAM, he’s the major person in the group.  He gives it that final unholy feel they need in it, but when they get all them together in a song that shit is jus wicket. As a group they have released 5 cd’s.  That’s damn good for a group of rappers, most end up breaking up after 1 or 2 cd’s, but NATAS is still going strong, because the ‘wicket-sh*t’ will never die….


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