Ok, first off ESHAM does not worship Satan or any form of the devil…it’s only MUSIC…read at the bottom what ESHAM has said about that whole thing.

ESHAM A. Smith’s music has been around since around late 1989 when he made his first tape ESHAM’S BOOMIN ‘WORDS FROM HELL 1990’ which was produced by Mike Clark (ICP’s producer) and with the help of his mom, he sold that tape out of the trunk of his ford mustang. That tape sold very good (not too bad for extremely underground sales) which gave him the chance to re-master the tape onto a cd with a few extra songs.  That cd has sold well over 100,000 copies to date, which makes it one of the most popular cd’s he has released.  He later went on to produce a few 4 song e.p.’s Homey Don’t play and Erotic Poetry then he released a double cd Judgment Day vol. 1 and 2, which was a major thing for an underground artist.  After this, ESHAM was out to really set his mark in the world.  He wanted to become the most controversial rap artist ever, so he released one of the most hardcore rap cd’s ever, called:  KKKill the Fetus, you have to remember ESHAM is not some psychotic killer…he’s just setting his mark in the world.  So you need to know more before you judge him from just the title of his cd’s (which many people have done).  Ok, as I was saying this cd caused so much controversy that the governor tried to ban its sale in Detroit…an soon all of Michigan…which I know this cant happen, because of this thing called “freedom of speech” that apparently the governor never heard of.  So that whole idea was thrown out and the cd sales on that album were extremely good for such a controversial album. People like things that are so different that it blows your mind, some are willing to try things that they see.  He then released his most popular cd after an e.p. called Maggot Brain Theory the cd was released on Warlock Records and is called Closed Casket. This cd has sold countless amounts…and is probably his closest thing to going gold or platinum.  Shortly after that, after the moderate success of his rap group NATAS’ sales on its first 2 albums.  They released another controversial album called Doubelievengod (do u believe in god) this cd was basically named satanic by most….but the people who did bother to listen realized that ESHAM is really starting to make people look at his music.  After that a “greatest hits” type cd was released, called Detroit Dogshit which was just something to hold people off for his next album Dead Flowerz which was the cd that let people know what ESHAM was all about.  When people all thought he was a devil worshiper, they felt really stupid after this release, because inside he told people what he was all about (which is what is written at the bottom of the page).  Soon after this release when people were finally understanding what ESHAM was all about, his company “Reel Life Productions” was forced into liquidation (which I think was because of Dice stealing money, but I’m not sure if that thief is the reason), but soon to be picked up by “Gothom” which was basically the reason for the title of his next cd, Bruce Wayne- Gothom City 1987. Then right after that, the new NATAS cd was released under this label…the cd was called Multikillionaire: The Devils Contract this is showing that even though ESHAM’s music isn’t as hard as it was, the acid rap of NATAS was here to stay.  ESHAM had very good success under this new label.  Then Gothom merged with a Overture Record’s label called “Over Core” which was when ESHAM released his first, most world wide sold cd, Mail Dominance, this cd caused a lot of controversy not because of the lyrics, but because of the type of music it was, because ESHAM’s co-producer Jade Scott had some major influence on how this cd was made, which I think made it good, I love the cd.  It’s more different then anything else that you’ve ever heard, trust me if you want different this is a good cd for it, it’s still rap, not so much the evil acid rap that you might expect, (there is a few songs on there that have that sound to them, but not many) this cd shows that ESHAM is “outcha atmosphere.”  Almost every fan of ESHAM has purchased the new NATAS cd entitled “WicketWorldWide.Com” (if you haven’t, why the hell not??), this cd is the shit, an proves that they will always be the N*gga’s Ahead of Time And Space….


As stated by a very pissed off ESHAM, so it might be
hard to understand a few parts, sorry about all the *’s
but I’ve been kicked off of web servers for swearing…

I just wanna set the record straight, I don’t worship
no muthaf*ckin devil. I’m sick of all you playa hating
muthaf*ckas saying that shit!! My sh*t is just wicket,
meaning you cross me and I’ll get evil on dat azz.
I don’t support Detroit radio because those hoes
don’t support Detroit music, so fuck ass those hoe
azz DJ’s who work there!! And they boss yall niggaz
aint got no balls, yall just a bunch of d¡ck suckers.
Let a n*gga come from butt f*ck Egypt yall be suckin
his d*ck playin his record even if he ain’t selling
no records yall b*tches need yall azz beat 4 reel oh
yeah all you hoe azz MC’s acting like yall came from
somewhere else stay off the next city d*ck support
yo own these n*ggaz in these other cities don’t give
a f*ck about you so that’s why you ride they d*ck
and try to fit in and if you do that, you’z a hoe!!
And you don’t need to be tryin to represent Detroit
wit yo punk azz! Call WJLB FM98 ask dem hoes why they
don’t play no ESHAM 1-313-298-7098 that’s the request
line those hoes might not answer that so call they
business line they gotta answer that 313-965-2000
I been out here putting this shit down for years
n*ggaz kill me don’t playa hate me feel me…



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