Acidrap Hellpack Review

found this online – cannot agree or disagree as i havent heard it yet.

ok, i listened to it all now, listenin to that new Mastamind again

DeadBoy : some funny shit but no replay value at all unfortunately, except the fact that you can hear esham in the background a couple of times, beats are dope but that’s it

Mastamind : only 6 tracks, wish there was more already, beats are just fuckin great, now that’s acid rap, cold electro soundin loops, n Mastamind’s as cool as he’s been lately

King Salomon : nice rap beats n overall production, solid album, the guy seems to be really into it so that’s cool, nothin wicked at all though, but i still enjoyed it n will again, i guess pretty much any rap/hiphop listener would say it’s cool, flow’s on point n the guy doesnt seem like an asshole at all

Swayzi : i think they got somebody here, what i heard was just special soundin, like in great actually, guy rides cool beats like it’s nothin already, n it turned out to be somethin quite impressive already imo, i’m gonna check out what that guy does next for sure

all in all, i guess it’s worth $20, might be some shit that comes out of nowhere but it’s really good, i said i didnt care much about anythin but that new Mastamind but now i do. no esham though maybe he’s gonna come up with his own shit, or not


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