Esham – Eminem(Eminem Diss) Suspended extended 2010

Lyrics to the fresh eminem diss off the esham album suspended extended which dropped this week.

Once upon a time in America
you know what
if i was president
i would push the button already
sitting in a white house my palms would be sweaty
selling coke that why the house white
if you talk shit
i’ma turn out your lights
you get stupid
i get stupider
you from Earth
im from Jupiter
the bitch with the big tittys
you know who of her
dont fuck with esham
bombs like nuclear
i swoop down in a pigeon coup no roof
thats like eminem recovery with no proof
how you gone rep the D without no truth
you style regurgitating throwing up soul fool
and all the boot licking butt licking kissing niggers just stop
cos even with em on a verse your shit still flop

“yo eminem
let me ask you what have you got
Detroit and hip hop
ohh ok
you know what
say somthin
say somthin
say somthin
back to me
say somthin
say somthin
say somthin
back to me
let me get some of that money”

we just battling
but you tattling
what Kimmy did to Alison
i found a pair of bloody panties at the raddison
they say you left them there
when you was there with Madison
they wouldnt let us in the game
cos you already served them a placebo
but they know we got the medicine
they said them boys getting too much lettuce
then they say forget us
then you start

east coast dick licking
you shade 45
shade 45
shady 45
east coast dick licking

you aint even from nyc like me
im from Amityville
the skills that kill
but i was raised in the D
on the e a s t s i d e
you are afraid
of detroit
hip hop
hip hop


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