Esham Created Juggalos

The first time the word Juggalo was used to describe a fan of The insane clown posse was by esham on the song CHOP CHOP – from the album Beverly Kills 50187.
The song opens to some stupid audio recording but then proceeds with esham saying JUGGALOS JUGGALAS JUGGALOS…
The way the word juggalo was invented all begun from the esham verse of that song “If I juggle then call me a juggla” .. he then recorded the intro when mixing the album – notice some older lyric sites have eshams opening line as juggles ,juggles ,juggles as the word juggalo was non existant at that time.
From that moment on juggalos have been synonymous with insane clown posse as fans took the name esham gave them as their own.
Juggalos owe their name-right to esham .


One response to “Esham Created Juggalos

  1. Esham did not create the word “Juggalo”. “Juggalo” was created by ICP during an earlier concert.

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