Mastamind : Last Temptation Of Christ

mastamind christ

Great artwork on the new mastamind album

“Last+emptationofChris+ is dropping sooner than later. September 14th Masta is dropping 11 new joints for the Digital EP release. More news coming soon on the LP comng out later this year. Hit Masta up in forums!”

1. BloodOf+heGods produced by AirJensen

2. GoodNiteAmerikkka produced by AirJensen

3. HorrorStory Produced by AirJensen

4. Last+emptation feat. Esham produced by AirJensen

5. UKnowMe produced by Dre40oz

6. SombodyToldUWrong produced Dre40oz

7. IAintWri+e produced by AirJensen

8. GaveEmMyLife produced by Dre40oz

9. Rok+oMyBea+ produced by AirJensen

10. Shi+StillSellin’ produced by Kogniak

11. CrucifyMeWhyMe produced by Dre40oz


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