RLP Double Feature Podcast ft Daniel Jordan and King Solomon – Druggalo Song

esham double feature

Check this out for the songs from 1.04 in where esham goes all out dissing icp ,kanye west, lupe fiasco and nicky minaj again – treat you like tila tequila and shit and piss on you

Then the greatest juggalo diss song – Druggalo

The Bomb Ass Podcast is back with a special Double Feature edition unlike any episode we’ve done before. Tune in as the stranger, Daniel Jordan,
warps minds with a DMT induced “Matrix” show blasting his personal favorites from Kool Keith to GG Allin to Above the Law plus an exclusive Q&A
interview. The second half features an entirely new mixtape from Esham’s versatile protege’, King Solomon, with exclusive cuts hijacked from his
upcoming solo debut, One Shot Deal.

Download the Bomb Ass Podcast for free now on iTunes and MP3:

Bomb Ass Podcast “Double Feature” on iTunes

Bomb Ass Podcast “Double Feature” MP3 (Download)


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