Eminem Recovery Diss – Esham responds

Eminem Recovery Diss – Esham responds
Esham responds to eminems diss on almost famous and not afraid with his song American made .
Eshams album suspended animation is full of disses to eminem and other Detroit acts – the beef with eminem was restarted when emeinem took some shots on almost famous with lines such as “I take a shit in his jackolantern then smash it on his porch” dissing eshams last record hellaween .
Here are the lyrics to the second verse off American made making references to not afraid and the shameful way eminem treated proof.

Im American made
Not American Idol
i made simon cowell leave on my arrival
man im flyer then a feather on a stack of bibles
made eminem suicidal cos im his greatest rival
cos i know the real truth
your not afraid
but you should be how you played proof
no disrespect to his memory
so you should run and show love
to all D MCs
something i cant say you do
i know what i owe you boy and ima pay you too
ima pay you too
ima pay you too


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