ESHAM, Wages War on Commercial Hip-Hop With New Album, “Suspended Animation”

Detroit Rap Legend ESHAM, Wages War on Commercial Hip-Hop With New Album, “Suspended Animation” and Kicks Off Tour in Hollywood, CA at The Key Club

(Detroit, MI)  The music industry continues its transformation, independent hip-hop artist and CEO, Esham (, is  back on his hustle with his 17th studio album “Suspended Animation” in stores August 3, 2010 through Aknu Media LLC.  While the commercial rap pendulum sways between the few artists still receiving promotion from major labels, Detroit’s best-selling independent emcee has his own staff and is concerned more about captivating listeners with his potent, homegrown musical creations he calls, “Acid Rap”.

With “Suspended Animation”, Esham’s dystopian world permeates through 29 different songs, many of which were conceived during deep meditation sessions in the sensory deprivation chamber at his recording studio.  To bring those ideas to life, he enlisted the services of heavy metal crew, “Ruin Your Life”, whose illuminating guitar-work welds together with Esham’s song-writing and beat selections to forge a project that slams hard into avant-garde, alternative territory.

The tone is set immediately with “Closed Doors” a smashing example of Esham’s reverse polarity where energetic raps and ruthless sampling abounds while a symphonic orchestra simultaneously overlays tantalizing guitar riffs to generate one of the albums most intense creations.  “Triggernometry” showcases Esham at his esoteric best, rhyming in effortless  free-association style while directly engaging the listener over a haunting, self-produced masterpiece.

Esham says, ” ‘Suspended Animation’ is the result of months of meditation and the lucid dreams I had in my sensory deprivation chamber”.  With no label hurdles to jump, he recorded until the very last minute in early July when the project got mastered.  He continues, “The reality is that fans are getting the leanest and meanest Esham, we have over two albums worth of material that didn’t make the cut”.

“Thanx” praises his long-standing fan-base for their loyalty, selflessness and support.  Despite the uplifting message, Esham changes his tune on the very next song, “But No Thanx”, where he questions the motives of internet piracy and the fair-weather fans who’ve pillaged his back catalog while undermining the creativity of his craft.  “Worst Place 2 Be (Detroit 187)”, an ode to his hometown of Detroit, hones in on the perils of Motown’s fractured educational system and the Kwame Kilpatrick mayoral scandal.

With “Ronald McDonald” and “U Can Die”, Esham brilliantly showcases his knack for contrast from rap-star living in excess to a violently ill, b-movie sociopath conversing incoherently about sadistic killing sprees and rampant drug binges.  “Police” furthers his cause as one of hip hop’s most demented while newcomer and suicidal prodigy, Daniel Jordan, proves heir to the throne with a despondent verse outlining the perversion of an addict appearing to enjoy what’s left of his last overdose.

While sales of the compact disc have continued to drop further than BP’s stock price, Esham’s answer includes releasing his project through a multitude of mediums including Android, Blackberry and iPhone apps as well as USB flash drives, vinyl and FLAC digital downloads.  The deluxe package to be sold on includes his own high-end, 1500-watt subwoofer called the “Hellhound” that Esham guarantees to detonate sonic frequencies loud enough to wake the dead.

Catch Esham performing the entire “Suspended Animation” album live with his band at The Key Club in Hollywood, CA on August 5th.

Track Listing:

01.  All The Time

02.  Closed Doors

03.  Subatomic

04.  Ronald McDonald

05.  SSMD

06.  Suspended Animation

07.  Triggernometry

08.  Designer Drugs

09.  RLP Logo

10.  ???????

11.  You Don’t Luv Me

12.  Electromagnetic

13.  Horrible

14.  Poultry

15.  Sinsory Deprivation

16.  Get a Room

17.  U Can Die

18.  Private Hotel Party

19.  Worst Place 2 Be

20.  Killa P*ssy

21.  American Made

22.  ?????

23.  Don’t Wake Me Up

24.  Gumball 3000

25.  Thanx

26.  But No Thanx

27.  Police

28.  How Come

29.  Home

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Editor’s note: Photo of ESHAM available upon request.  ESHAM is also available for interviews. For VIP access to the August 5 Key Club show, contact Erica Lewis

Erica Lewis – Music Frenzy Entertainment,
(phone)  323-775-7525  (fax) 323-378-6828


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